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Thank you to everyone who participated in our Time Gathering. We’ve left this web page as an archive of our process. To learn more about the selected measurements of time, see here.

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Chronos… is the concept of time as a measure, a quantity of duration that changes in uniform and serial order.

Kairos… is a kind of time charged with promise and significance. It is time that saturates time. The dimensions that characterize Kairos are neither uniform nor predictable … In Kairos, time is not kept, it is unleashed.

~ Paul Chan, A Time Apart (2010)

We invite you to participate in Time Gathering. You will need a stopwatch (or phone app) and some self-awareness. In order to contribute, you will be asked to measure an important increment of time that applies to you personally. This may be the length of time it takes to perform an activity (ie. drinking a cup of coffee) or a more abstract period (ie. staring into space, thinking about the future). It would be best if the time you measure is significant to you – perhaps it is part of your ritual or routine. In general, we are looking for increments of time below 30 minutes, but we are able to accept measurements up to 1-hour.

You can participate in Time Gathering in several ways:

  • From June 18 – 28, 2017 there will be a box onsite at cSPACE with Time Measuring Cards. You can use a card to write down your time measurement, and submit it in the box. cSPACE King Edward is located at 1721 29th Avenue SW. We’ll be on the 2nd floor (just inside the main entrance). Access off 29th Avenue SW.
  • You can make an appointment with us to measure your time for you. We will be onsite at King Edward School between June 18 and 28, and by request. Please email us.
  • You can measure time for yourself and submit this information to us via email:

If you choose the last approach, please submit the following information:

  • The time it takes to: __________________________________________________.
  • Period of time: ___:___ (minutes and seconds).

All times must be submitted by the end of June. Your measurements of time will be translated into sand and used to fill 50+ hourglasses. Even if you email us directly, your information will be used anonymously. In all likelihood, we will choose the most interesting, or possibly the most shared, units of time.


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